The Creators of Award-Winning Vaporizer Pens Launches Innovative Product Expected to be a Game Changer for the Herbal Vape Market

Las Vegas, NV (November 13, 2017) – One of the nation’s top innovative vaporizer product makers, Dank Fung Extracts, announces it will be debuting a new, innovative herbal vape pen this week at the Marijuana Business Conference. It’s a move that could completely change the herbal vape market.

The Florist Vaporizer Pen is sleek, discreet and engineered to allow its users to dial in the perfect vape session every time. The exciting announcement comes the same week as the most-anticipated tradeshow and conference for the cannabis industry, the Marijuana Business Daily Conference. Dank Fung Extracts will be giving away 100 units of the new vaporizer, giving retailers a chance to sample the product before they buy.“I developed The Florist to fill the void that hasn't yet been met to date,” says Dank Fung Owner, Daniel Fung. “By allowing the user to tease the temperature up and down in one-degree increments with The Florist, it's now possible to have a dry flower vaping experience that rivals traditional smoking.”

The Florist features an all-ceramic kiln with a gentle heating element, an easy-to-use temperature control and a long-lasting, quick-charge battery. The vaporizer provides a terpene-rich, clean vaping experience at a much lower price that its competitors.

“I had tried out a ton of portable and desktop style dry flower vaporizers before and always felt that the taste of the vapor never matched the taste of the flower when you smoked it traditionally; coupled with the high price points these legacy devices were retailing for, marijuana users often stuck with their traditional smoking methods, like joints and bongs,” says Fung. “Figuring it made sense to stick with old school smoking as the taste experience and the high was better than vaporization could achieve at the time.”

The Dank Fung Florist is available online at an introductory price of $99. For more information, visit the website at dankfungextracts.com. Dank Fung offers a variety of low-temperature vaporizer products such as the Connoiseur and the Executive.

Dank Fung Extracts is a group of dedicated extract artists offering an exclusive line of premium, fashion-forward pens and accessories for the discerning vaper. 25 years of experience and experimentation have yielded unique, luxury vape pens that match style to action with lower heating temps and wickless, ceramic, sub ohm atomizers for unparalleled freshness and vapor cloud production for your extract of choice, as well as longer life between refills.

Dank Fung delivers a stylish, high functioning, and ultimate vape experience. Our signature line of concentrate vape pens have been specially designed to enjoy the one-of-a-kind terpene experience. Dank Fung’s lower temp vape not only gives a portable terpene rich taste experience, but also has the advantage of lasting longer than other pens before needing a refill.

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Daniel Fung
Owner, Dank Fung Extracts
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