DANK BLACK FRIYAY SALE~ 35% OFF Your Entire Order!

Tis that time of the year, and we wanted to give our awesome customers old and new 35% OFF on entire orders placed during the holiday season!

Starting on November 28th at 4:20 PM and running til December 29th, a 35% discount will be applied at checkout (No Promo code needed). FREE SHIPPING is also included as always~

It's a great chance to see what all the buzz is about with our new 2019 release of THE DOOBLE, the world's first double vape cartridge battery!

Dank Fung THE DOOBLE double cartridge battery vaporizer

 Feeling a bit wary about the recent news around vaping? There was a recent article from Leafly that give an update on the findings (basically, know who you are buying from and what is in the content of the your vape of choice).  

If you are still thinking about going back to herbs, then THE FLORIST is a great choice! Designed as a dry herb vaporizer and more importantly; focusing on taste - THE FLORIST is one of the TOP 2 sellers in 2019~ 

Dank Fung The Florist Vaporizer

If you are looking for a more down low option; THE EXECUTIVES are designed to be discreet with their pen shape forms and come in Black Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. 

Dank Fung THE EXECUTIVE Vaporizer Pens

Another down low option is THE CONNOISSEUR which is a HIGHTIMES award winner and don't let the compact size fool you~ it's an award winner for a reason!

Dank Fung The Connoisseur small compact vaporizer


The Dank team would love to thank all of you out there that has supported us and tasted the difference over the years!

We wish all the Danksters out there a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season as well as a great end to 2019!


- The Dank Fung Team