DANK FUNG's Fearless Leader Introducing The DOOBLE~ The 1st Dual Cart Vaporizer

DANK FUNG finally introducing The DOOBLE; the world's first draw-activated (2x) double hitting vape cart battery!

The DOOBLE's Patents Pending innovation will enable connoisseurs to benefit from a newly gained "mixing and matching" capability. Finally with The DOOBLE; you can imagine any creative pairing that you can come up with (for example: Indica/Sativa, THC/CBD, etc.) by coming up with strain combinations that don't naturally exist in flower strain form. 

Like what you see? Wanna double up the pleasure? Get your DOOBLE now~! And also check out the THE DOOBLE 4x Magnetic Adapter RingsAirtight Mini Vape Cart Case which go great with your DOOBLE~